Gibsonburg LEAGUES

Important Notes From Your League Operator

Validated Score Sheets – Please remember: By 9 am Saturday the HOME Team Captains are responsible to email a legible copy of score sheets each week to in order to have the most updated handicaps for upcoming tournaments. This rule is on page 12 and does carry a $10 fee to the team for first offense. A second offense will be a $10 fine and a loss of 5 games.

Playoff Eligibility – See below: According to the rules 40% of total games are needed to qualify a player into the playoffs There were 28 weeks scheduled for this season. With the byes Black division plays 27 and Orange division plays 26 weeks. 27 x 5 = 135 x .4 = 54 games needed 26 x 5 = 130 x .4 = 52 games needed

League documents :   Scoresheet   GAPL Player Contract   GAPL Bylaws  

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